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A high protein spin on creamy cocktail sauce

Cocktail sauce is usually paired with shrimp, but this one adds kick and flavor to just about anything!

High quality Greek yogurt is the key ingredient here.


  • Organic Greek Plain Nonfat Greek Yogurt: 3/4 cup. *I like the Wallaby Organic product line.

  • Dijon Mustard: 3 teaspoons. *My absolute favorite is the Whole Foods Market Traditional Dijon Mustard.

  • Ketchup: 8 tablespoons. *I love the Sir Kensington's product line.

  • Sriracha: 2 teaspoons (or more for as much kick as you'd like).

  • 2-3 splashes of fresh lemon juice.

  • 2 pinches of table salt.


  1. Combine all ingredients in a small bowl.

  2. Stir, whip, further season to taste!!

  3. Serve with de-veined, wild (no farm raised!) shrimp.

  4. This makes roughly 4-6 servings depending on your level of sauciness (mine is very high).


  • I also use this sauce for sandwiches (it reminds me a bit of thousand island) and canned tuna.

  • To my WW (formerly WeightWatchers) friends: Find me on the @ww app for recipe share. Only 1 SmartPoint (on green) for 1/6 of the entire dish!!

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